Case Study for Coral Place


1.  Summary
The latest inventive design of GLL LED tubes with sensor made it great for application like underground parking lot, stairwell and corridor. The following saving can be achieved if coral place replace all the T8 fluorescent lamps in stairwell and underground parking lot to GLL LED tubes with sensor.

1. The annual energy savings: 53,465.2KWH
2. The annual economical savings: $8084.97
3. The Project cost: $24,374.1
4. Incentives: $2,673.26(Ontario)
5. The payback period: 2.7 Years

  Note:  The hydro bill will be increased by 30% in the next 3 years. The actual payback period will be short.


2.  Background

A.   Coral Place-- A Non-Profit Housing Community

Coral Place is a 103 unit non-profit housing building located at 55 Glenn Hawthorne Boulevard, near Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue in Mississauga. With 35 1-bedroom units, 77 2-bedroom units and 14 3-bedroom units, the 8-storey apartment building has a diverse mix of families, singles, and seniors. Built by the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals Non-Profit Housing Corporation under the Provincial Non-Profit Housing Program in 1993, Coral Place has a large proportion of Chinese residents. Sixty-five units are subsidized and their residents pay 30% of their income in rent, and 31 have market level rents. Five of the 2-bedroom units are wheelchair accessible.
Coral Place has two levels of underground parking lot. There are 117pcs of 32W T8 fluorescent lamp at the first level (P1) and 108pcs of 32W T8 fluorescent lamp at the second level (P2). Coral Place has stairwells at two side of the building. There are 49pcs of 32W T8 fluorescent lamp.


B. Globe LED Lighting Inc.

Globe Solar Energy Inc established sub-company called Globe LED Lighting Inc to research and develop LED products which are special design for Canadian market since 2012. Globe LED Lighting Inc has successfully developed GLL-T8D24 series T8 LED tube, the products was certified by CSA and DLC. In the past several months, GSE has obtained LED lighting contracts in the City of Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Oshawa and Ajax to install LED lighting to replace existing old fluorescent lamps in order to generate significant savings and meeting corporate sustainability target.


Introducing GLL LED Tube with Sensor

Globe LED Lighting (GLL) LED tube with sensor is the latest inventive breakthrough in the commercial lighting market and specialized for underground parking garage, common hallway and stairwell. It can fulfill enough brightness for people who walk there and drivers to park the car safely. It changes to eco mode (3W, 6W or 9W) automatically when there is no vehicle or human movement, the eco mode still provides enough brightness or minimum lumens for monitoring purpose and meeting all municipal code requirements. The electricity consumption of this LED tube with sensor is only 19% of the T8 fluorescent lamp. It will achieve the ultimate goal for “saves energy while provide the enough brightness.”  It will solve energy wasting problem for underground parking garage light, common hallway light and stairwell light. The regular LED tube’s lifespan is around 50,000 hours. The GLL LED tube with sensor has longer lifespan than the regular LED tube due to the sensor let the LED tube works under low power condition most of the times.

Introducing Repairable GLL LED Tube

Another unique feature of GLL LED tube with sensor is that it is repairable. The 70% of the LED tube cost is for the LED chips, they usually have a very long lifespan. However, the electronic adapter of tube is the part where the most of the problems occur, but the cost is very affordable. GLL LED tube’s modularization is designed to give its advantage of simple repairing process, and it decreased the cost for repair rather than replacing the tube completely, it also decreased the wastage.
The sensor parts (please see P1).  The adapter parts (please see P3).
The adapter and sensor parts are connected to LED chips with plug.