Globe Solar Energy Inc. (Globe Solar hereafter) is a Toronto-based solar company that designs, manufactures and installs solar products especially solar thermal systems in Canada and the USA. GSE focuses on the leading technology – evacuated tube-based solar thermal products for the North American market.


Before Globe Solar was established in 2005, the founder of Globe Solar, Mr. Gordon Xiao, has spent 3 years to study the feasibility of introducing a new evacuated tube solar collector water heating system in Canada. Two years later, Gordon installed one on his own house in early of June, 2004. Running through a year, Gordon proved that this kind of solar water heater is an efficient, energy-saving, secure and simple product.


GSE IP-195 is a product which was designed by Globe Solar for Canadian and North American market with its own intellectual property rights. Jiangsu Sunrain is only an OEM factory for Globe Solar. CSA Certificate is also belonging to Globe Solar. Therefore, Globe Solar would proudly say that GSE IP-195 is totally Canadian solar product! It is a fact that GSE IP-195 has already been exported to the US and Mexico so far.


High cost is a major obstacle which blocks most middle and low income families to enjoy solar energy for water heating. GSE IP-195 is a CSA-approved, affordable system that was simple to install and to understand. Because the GSE IP-195 is water based, it does not have the